RAD Napa, the first art district in Napa Valley.

Destined to become the smallest town offering an internationally renowned art district to the world.

Public art can be defining for sense of place, expressing different meanings in a variety of contexts with the powerful ability to create an emotional response while supporting positive health benefits.  

The City of Napa recognizes that public art is an essential component of a thriving community, a livable city and a world-class destination. Public art can contribute to the aesthetics, utility and safety for pedestrians and at the same time enhance the user experience, increasing activity and bringing a sense of pride to our community.

The Philadelphia Mural Arts program changed the entire fabric of their city.  Muralist Jane Golden was hired to reach out to graffiti writers and redirect their energies to constructive neighborhood projects. It is now the nation's largest public art program dedicated to the belief that art causes positive change.

By the numbers: 19,035 people attended 259 public programs and events, 87 youth participate in Art Ed, 10,742 mural tour participants, 84 community meetings, and 2,350 people joined in the last 48 paint days.

Providing free-and-easy access to public art in the town of Napa will unify our varied communities and diverse landscape of this popular destination; physically, artistically and culturally.  Building on Napa Valley’s legendary sense of place, RAD Napa will become an “only in Napa Valley” landmark for residents and visitors to share and enjoy.

RAD Napa's 1st Open-House January 31, 2017

RAD Napa's 1st Open-House January 31, 2017