Quake Mosaic


'The Cycle of Creation & Destruction in the Napa Valley'

The Community Quake Mosaic will be composed using cherished, broken, household objects that were collected and donated by members of our community after the August 2014 earthquake.  Sentimental fragments will be woven together with tiles donated by Heath Ceramics.  The mosaic will reflect our diverse terroir and fragile existence in the Napa Valley, providing an opportunity for therapeutic healing through art. 

The Quake Mosaic materials will be applied to the outside of a rail car donated by the Napa Valley Wine Train and placed at the Southern Gateway of RAD Napa.  The Quake Mosaic project has been to designed to be built for and with the community.  The majority of the mosaic will be created off site at Nimbus Arts who has graciously partnered with us for hosting community work days and studio space.  The art will then be transferred in sections to the railcar for final installation.

Designed by Kristina Young, the Quake Mosaic will resemble a  ‘core sample’ of the earth's strata by layering horizontal bands of various sizes, shapes, textures and colors with a ring pattern based on an aerial view of 2014 earthquake epicenter and aftershock.  The mosaic will also incorporate small figurative elements such as roots, animals, shells, insects and other items. A living roof and California native landscaping will further meld human made items with nature.


The property where the rail car will be placed is owned by the Napa Valley Wine Train and is adjacent to a branded section of the Napa Valley Vine Trail.


The project will be completed through the collaborative efforts of the Napa Valley Wine Train, the Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition, Mentis and Nimbus Arts.


The Napa Community Quake Mosaic will:

  • Offer a therapeutic reflection opportunity for the community in aftermath of earthquake
  • Explore the connection between communities that experience trauma (in this case natural disaster) and the arts: how art making and exhibition supports emotional healing as communities rebuild
  • Improve the experience for users of the space, including: residents, NV Vine Trail users and NV Wine Train guests resulting in increased usage and area awareness
  • Offer a simple, clean and relevant design that is easily understandable and experienced
  • Create safe, restorative public build opportunities for the community
  • Document residents’ experience and specific donation information
  • Potentially provide internship opportunities for students interested in learning about public art construction and process


The project will be funded by a variety of sources including: private and in-kind donations, crowdsourcing and grant funding.  Mentis will serve as the fiscal sponsor for the Quake Mosaic, receiving 10% of every donation to support their work in the community and administration of the project.  Mentis, Napa’s Center for Mental Health Services, provides affordable mental health services to the community and are trauma recovery experts.  Due to their non-profit status and generosity of service, all donations will be tax deductible.


Want to Donate or Join the Team?

Contact Kristina Young napaquake@gmail.com

FB link https://www.facebook.com/CommunityQuakeMosaicProject/