Create RAD Napa FASTER by sponsoring ART!

Whether YOUR PASSION is murals, landscaping, or sculpture we have a project waiting for your help—over 60 of them in fact!

What You Get:

  • Recognition at the installation site for the life of the installation
  • Recognition on the RAD Napa website
  • Recognition in any print book produced of RAD installations
  • Recognition commensurate to other art district donors at similar levels

What We All Get: RAD Napa Installations happen faster—the artists are ready to go!

  • A beautiful Napa route that will be experienced by millions for years to come.  
  • A free street museum for the entire community.  
  • A world class Art District in one of most beautiful, agrarian communities in the world to host an Art District

What it Costs:

  • Mural less than 60 feet long: $25,000
  • Mural greater than 60 feet long: $50,000
  • Landscape wall: $25,000
  • Fence less than 60 feet long $15,000
  • Fence greater than 60 feet long: $30,000
  • Sculpture: TBD

Interested RAD Napa sponsors please contact us!